OUR TEAM of Registered massage therapists


Sascha Lo

Sascha’s background in Kinesiology and sport pushed him to pursue a career that would help him to empower people to take control of their health - through client education, movement coaching, and manual therapy Sascha works with clients to set long and short term goals by providing personalized treatment plans. He incorporates various modalities including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, Swedish massage, and more. Outside of work, Sascha enjoys playing volleyball, drawing, and listening to music.


Edmond Lin

Edmond aims to help his clients achieve their rehabilitative goals with an active and dynamic approach. Edmond has passion for sports and fitness. He grew up playing a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball and rugby. Through countless injuries, he understands to educate his clients in the importance of self-care and rehab. He works with athletes of all levels, motor vehicle accident injuries and also individuals who simply require a bit of maintenance. When not in the clinic, you can find Edmond playing sports, riding his motorcycle around the Sea-to-Sky or simply finding new restaurants to try.


Alfred Tung

Before becoming a RMT, Alfred studied Sociology at the University of British Columbia. His background in competitive sports inspired him to dedicate himself to help people rehabilitate sports-related injuries, regain movement through work-related stress, musculoskeletal pain, overuse injuries, and postural dysfunctions. Alfred commonly incorporates Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Trigger Point Release, and Dynamic Stretching. Alfred is also a Graston Trained Provider. During his free time Alfred enjoys spending his time in the weight room or playing basketball. Alfred is able to speak English and conversational Cantonese and Mandarin.


William Lo

Before Massage Therapy, William studied at UBC and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Food, Nutrition & Health. He is passionate about helping people regain their health, movement and provide relaxation. Having gone through both sports and work-related injuries, he understands the importance of rehabilitative care and manual therapy to achieve personal wellness. Through his clinical experience, he incorporates techniques such as Swedish Massage, Myofascial/Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilizations, and Dynamic Stretching to treat musculoskeletal pain and overuse injuries. William is also a Graston Trained Provider. In his free time, he likes to play badminton, run, and go to the gym. In addition to English, William is able to speak conversational Mandarin and Cantonese.

Registered Massage therapist

May Guan

May holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and has worked as a Certified Personal Trainer in a clinical setting. Having participated in over 10 years of competitive and recreational volleyball, May is no stranger to injury. She knows the importance of self-care and exercise to optimize pain-free movement during activities. Through a combination of manual therapy, patient education, and remedial exercise, she aims to foster a patient-centred environment to help you achieve your goals!In her spare time, you can find her coaching and playing volleyball, hiking, cycling, or at the gym.

Bodywork, graduated student therapist

Ben Tsang

Ben completed the registered massage therapy program at Vancouver Career College. With a passion for athletics, Ben started his education at Langara College in Human Kinetics. Due to his growing passion and interest in the human body, Ben pursued a career in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer for eight years prior to becoming an RMT.Working with various types of athletes including the general public, his belief is that anyone who requires movement of their body is considered an athlete. He understands the importance of helping athletes improve their ranges of motion to attain positions that are required for their specific demands of life or sport and then working to develop the awareness in order to stabilize the body in these new found positions.In his treatments, he likes to incorporate a variety of different techniques and modalities such as trigger point release, myofascial release, muscle stripping and pin and stretch into his treatments.Outside the clinic, Ben has enjoyed being active in the gym, playing basketball and ice hockey over the course of his life. As a personal hobby, he has competed in bodybuilding competitions at the National level.


Stanley Su

Stanleys goal is to help his clients feel better physically and emotionally. He understands through experience of how physical pain can play a role into emotional stress and vice versa. He helps patients through client education, movement assessment & rehab exercises, and manual therapy techniques. He works with clients who are motivated to change their habits to improve their physical health, postural complaints, and injuries. He incorporates various modalities including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, active manual techniques, swedish massage and more.
Catch Stanley outside of work playing sports (volleyball, golf, basketball, tennis), on hikes/trails, or jumping into cold lakes!


Alex Yang

Alex graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. During his education, Alex thrives working with patients who suffer from chronic repetitive injuries, ranging from CrossFit athletes and Olympic weightlifters to First Responders and office workers. Alex is passionate about health and wellbeing of others; constantly using his knowledge to support and educate those around him. Alex believes that "movement is wealth", his goal is to help clients feel better using manual therapy, movement, and encouraging an active lifestyle. Alex' treatments include a wide variety of massage techniques based on the goals that are important to you. Modalities include myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and/or active muscle release, and client education/homecare exercises. Outside of work, Alex has a keen interest in fitness and sports and you can catch Alex strength training at the gym, skiing, or watching his favorite basketball team.

Student THerapist

Selena Hoang

Selena is a compassionate and dedicated massage therapy student studying at Langara College. Selena has a diploma in nursing that she obtained in Alberta, where her interest in the human body and passion for helping others began. Driven by these two factors and sustaining past injuries herself, Selena’s goal is to help her clients achieve optimal wellness and to be an active member in their recovery. Selena has a deep understanding of therapeutic massage techniques including Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point release and petrissage which she uses to create tailored treatments for her clients. She also believes that enhancing her client’s well-being happens outside the treatment room, where she likes to educate and send them home with targeted stretches, exercise routines and hydrotherapy remedies. Beyond the clinic, Selena enjoys hiking, backpacking or binging her favourite shows. She’s also a huge foodie and doesn’t a mind good recommendation!